Today’s Featured Product: Urbani Truffles!

This precious and mysterious “fruit” of the earth has seduced men and women of all times and continues to tempt the noble palates of good cooking experts with its unmistakeable flavor and aroma. Truffle, protagonist not only of a company activity, but of a real and proper cultural commitment. We have dedicated exhibitions, trade fairs and many conventions to the “cult ” and to the knowledge of truffle, until giving life to a brotherhood of famous celebrities, that from the value of this table diamond, have created an occasion of friendship and of worldliness.

Naturally, we still place infinite care in every stage of the production process, manufacturing and distribution to obtain that same quality that permits us to satisfy the most sophisticated demands in terms of taste and image: Italian truffle manufacturers still produce the best white and black truffles in the world; in the factories of Sant’Anatolia di Narco innovative technologies for the manufacturing and preserving of the precious tuber exalt the natural characteristics and determine new occasions for its use; the careful and integrated organization of the productive cycle and the qualified preparation of the sales network allow to bring the product on the tables of gourmet chefs around the world who have been able to savor on the production site.

Festivale Distributors is one of the exclusive distributors of Urbani Products in the United States! If you’re interested in purchasing this, or any of our other products, contact us!

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